Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mother's Day guest post - Cooking Together

Continuing our Mother’s Day Month celebration with another guest post – this time, from my sister and all-around Super Mom, Sarah. She corrals her four kids with love and creativity, and she’s an inspirational mom to everyone who knows her. Fun fact: Strawberries were Sarah’s favorite fruit as far back as I can remember. Happy Mother’s Day, sis!
Parfaits are fun!
Cooking Together
By guest blogger Sarah
Last year when my oldest daughter, Laurel, was starting first grade she was having a rough time with life.  The previous year she had gone to a different school so she was starting all over again with new classmates and no best friend.  It was then that she came home with a flyer from Scholastic in her backpack.  This was one time she didn’t beg about it and so I flipped through the flyer when she wasn’t looking (didn’t want to get her hopes up).

The book is 
Cook it Together by Annabel Karmel.  The book describes the origins of different ingredients and follows up each description with a recipe or two you can make with the ingredient.  We have used this book to get creative in the kitchen, making everything from homemade tomato soup to the most incredible Dark and White Chocolate Cakes you may ever try.  I put the date and a summary of the recipe in the table of contents so we can keep track of how everything went and avoid expensive failures.If you are familiar with Scholastic Book Clubs, you will understand I was not looking for $8 cookbooks here!  I was looking for a dollar book that would cheer up my sweetheart.  But the $8 cookbook leapt out of the page at me and I bought it.  I have never had such a successful purchase from Scholastic.
The most memorable recipe I modified to make with my toddlers and share with you.  If you have kids I highly recommend buying this book or another kid’s recipe book to try cooking new things together.
The best thing about purchasing this book (and not using the internet, or some library book) is continuing an activity that brings us together.  Laurel felt special and loved.  Proof to me is where I found the book when I wanted to write about it:  It was by Laurel’s bed one and a half years later.
“Mommy, can we eat these now?”
Healthy Strawberry Parfaits
Adapted from Cook it Together 
Ingredients/Supplies4 9-oz clear plastic cups
Large container (24 oz or so) plain Greek yogurt
1 quart fresh, ripe strawberries
2 Tbsp sugar

Whipped cream
1. Wash and hull strawberries; save 4 of the nicest-looking strawberries as topping.
2. Put berries and sugar in a mixing bowl and mash with a potato masher until juicy but still chunky.
3. In the plastic cups, layer Greek yogurt and strawberry mixture.

4. Top each dessert with whipped cream and a strawberry.  Serve immediately.

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